Subaru Stella Sales start in Japan in July

Fuji Heavy announced the beginning of field trials last predseriynogo Sample Electric. By the end of their model will be limited to the free party sales in the domestic market of Japan. In comparison with the first prototype, presented by the company in June last year, the updated Subaru Stella has become a 50 kg lighter, and its electric motor to 7 kW power. Now the rates are 1010 kg and 47 kW respectively. Drive - front. Dimensions Electric (3395 mm × 1475 mm × 1660 mm) remained unchanged. Subaru Stella / Stella Subaru develops a maximum speed of 100 km / h, a battery of advanced lithium ion batteries, can overcome the 80 km. The salon is on four electric.

Worth noting that Subaru Stella is an ideological and technological development of electric Subaru R1e, which FHI has developed jointly with Tokyo Electric Power Co. in 2006. At the moment, so electric surpassed its predecessor, it was decided to start selling ordinary consumers. Note, however, that expected from the Japanese better.

Price Subaru Stella has not yet been announced, but it is known that during the current fiscal year, the company expects to realize total 170 units.


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