P.U.M.A. from General Motors and the company Segway

General Motors Corporation and the Segway company decided to spoil a good thing, and based on the Segway scooter developed a car-bike to travel around the city. The project has a long and sad-bureaucratic title of Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project (for short - a little better: PUMA). Literally: Draft Personal urban mobility and rolling the vehicle.

PUMA - is a double, two carts, which the design is not enough rickshaw. Rickshaw, apparently escaped mitingovat for the freedom of the indigenous peoples of America, and provided me and frightened passenger scooter now worn on the roads at speeds of around 55km / h. A single lithium battery charge is enough for 40 km.

The cost of the device has not yet been determined. It is anticipated that the price would be approximately a quarter of the price of traditional two-car.


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