Liv Inizio - as a competitor to the Tesla Roadster

In the segment elektromobilestroeniya begin serious competition. EV Innovations (Hybrid Technologies) is preparing the next competitor to Tesla Roadster - electric sports Liv Inizio, which has similar characteristics as the brainchild of Tesla.

The company has extensive experience in elektroavtomobilestroenii: EV Innovations has been the restructuring of Toyota Yaris, smart fortwo, PT Cruised and Mini Cooper, as well as the creation of elektroskuterov and elektromototsiklov.

Liv Inizio can travel about 320 kilometers on one charge. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes about 4 seconds. Compared to the Tesla Roadster, new to the 136 kg lighter, as well as the wider and higher at 6 and 15 centimeters respectively. Charging the battery takes about 8 hours. Price new items will be about 103 thousand euro. New information will appear after the official release.


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