Shai Agassi about future

Shai Agassi explains the workings of his company that aims to bring electric cars to the world, starting with Israel and also Denmark, Australia and California.


Britain is ready to pay up to 5 thousand pounds if you want to buy the electric car

The statement was made by the Minister for Business and Enterprise Peter Mandelson. Currently, the share of such machines of the total UK fleet is 0.1%.

In addition, the UK authorities intend to allocate 20 million pounds for the construction of a network of electric charging stations and the entire "elektrogorodov, where the owners of such vehicles will feel comfortable.


Subaru Stella Sales start in Japan in July

Fuji Heavy announced the beginning of field trials last predseriynogo Sample Electric. By the end of their model will be limited to the free party sales in the domestic market of Japan. In comparison with the first prototype, presented by the company in June last year, the updated Subaru Stella has become a 50 kg lighter, and its electric motor to 7 kW power. Now the rates are 1010 kg and 47 kW respectively. Drive - front. Dimensions Electric (3395 mm × 1475 mm × 1660 mm) remained unchanged. Subaru Stella / Stella Subaru develops a maximum speed of 100 km / h, a battery of advanced lithium ion batteries, can overcome the 80 km. The salon is on four electric.

Worth noting that Subaru Stella is an ideological and technological development of electric Subaru R1e, which FHI has developed jointly with Tokyo Electric Power Co. in 2006. At the moment, so electric surpassed its predecessor, it was decided to start selling ordinary consumers. Note, however, that expected from the Japanese better.

Price Subaru Stella has not yet been announced, but it is known that during the current fiscal year, the company expects to realize total 170 units.

Audi will calabrate of 100 years of brand with new electric car

Company Audi officially confirmed earlier emerging information that at the celebration of 100 years of brand, which will begin July 16 in Germany and will last four days, held the world premiere of the new model.

According to preliminary data, the company intends to submit a concept electric car, which will become the founder of a whole range of electric - from compact city cars to sports. At the moment, these vehicles are intra-corporate symbol with indices from E1 to E5, and the first of them - it subkompaktnaya machine, based on the concept Kára Volkswagen Up!.


P.U.M.A. from General Motors and the company Segway

General Motors Corporation and the Segway company decided to spoil a good thing, and based on the Segway scooter developed a car-bike to travel around the city. The project has a long and sad-bureaucratic title of Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project (for short - a little better: PUMA). Literally: Draft Personal urban mobility and rolling the vehicle.

PUMA - is a double, two carts, which the design is not enough rickshaw. Rickshaw, apparently escaped mitingovat for the freedom of the indigenous peoples of America, and provided me and frightened passenger scooter now worn on the roads at speeds of around 55km / h. A single lithium battery charge is enough for 40 km.

The cost of the device has not yet been determined. It is anticipated that the price would be approximately a quarter of the price of traditional two-car.

Detroit Electric Proton and will work together to produce electric

Detroit Electric Company and Malaysian avtokompaniya Proton signed a partnership agreement for the joint production of electric vehicles on the European market under the brand Detroit Electric.

According to the Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam, practical and accessible model will be offered in two versions - E63 and E64. The smaller version will have the opportunity to run without a battery of 180 km, and E63 - 325 km. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes about 8 seconds, max speed - 180km / h.
Engine Innovation of 200 hp, torque - 380Nm. Electric receives chetyrehskorostnuyu gearbox, front and side airbags, ABS, navigation system, cruise control, leather trim interior, central locking, power windows and radio to mp3.

Cost of Detroit Electric will be 19-23 thousand pounds. Later, a novelty in China and the United States.

Tesla Motors "Model S" starts to conquer the world

The site Tesla Motors finally has a section on the Model S. Run the machine in the series promised by 2011.

This electric car - just a dream realized.

Full sedan, which can accommodate 7 people, with the run up to 480 km. on one battery, fully charged in 45 minutes (at a voltage of 480 V), with acceleration in 5.6 with. up to hundreds and cost less than 50 thousand dollars!

I already love this car.

Liv Inizio - as a competitor to the Tesla Roadster

In the segment elektromobilestroeniya begin serious competition. EV Innovations (Hybrid Technologies) is preparing the next competitor to Tesla Roadster - electric sports Liv Inizio, which has similar characteristics as the brainchild of Tesla.

The company has extensive experience in elektroavtomobilestroenii: EV Innovations has been the restructuring of Toyota Yaris, smart fortwo, PT Cruised and Mini Cooper, as well as the creation of elektroskuterov and elektromototsiklov.

Liv Inizio can travel about 320 kilometers on one charge. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes about 4 seconds. Compared to the Tesla Roadster, new to the 136 kg lighter, as well as the wider and higher at 6 and 15 centimeters respectively. Charging the battery takes about 8 hours. Price new items will be about 103 thousand euro. New information will appear after the official release.

Nissan - Pivo 2

Nissan introduced Pivo2 - electric car with a rotating body. New electric car is an improved version of its predecessor, Nissan Pivo, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005.

The new electric version differs from the previous appearance, as well as equipped with the most recent technological solutions. For example, compact lithium-ion batteries Nissan Pivo2 is sufficient for acceleration to 120 km / h (although it is difficult to imagine this aquarium carrying on such a speed). No more electric charge can be overcome 100 km. In general, very little.

But the essence is not in it. essence is that Nissan Pivo cabin rotates 360 degrees at all. So the park and zaezzhat in the garage at a special electrical work is not precisely known composition.