BMW run-electric MINI E on the streets of Munich

In May of 2009 to start a joint pilot project BMW Group and E. ON Energie to introduce electric vehicles in Munich. The aim of the project - to obtain detailed data on the operation of the car, which can be used to further improve the design of the vehicle and its batteries, as well as a set of speakers charger.

For this project group BMW will provide at least 15 cars MINI E. This environmentally friendly electric car has a capacity of 15 kW, can speed up to 150 km / h and to overcome the distance of 200 km without recharging.

Innovative Solutions, which plans to expand the company E. ON Energie, will allow drivers to charge the batteries in their cars not only at home but also in urban charging, with the filling of these will be serviced not only the parties to the pilot project, but all owners of electric vehicles. Electricity required for electric vehicles, and guarantees the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, will be produced by the Bavarian company's hydroelectric E. ON Energie.


Craig said...

When will the first MINI E be on the streets in Munich?

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